Installations & Repairs

Selection of the right equipment for new construction or replacement items can be confusing when it comes to plumbing and heating/cooling systems.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for not only where you live but how you live. We support using efficient heating and cooling systems that will help you conserve energy and lower your monthly utility bills. Let us also help guide you in air quality options to improve your indoor comfort.

Once your equipment is on site, we will professionally install and balance the systems for their optimal performance. We also suggest regular maintenance programs to keep small problems from becoming big problems. Our annual agreements reduce your on-demand service costs provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction in repairs
  • Reduction in utility bills
  • Extends lifetime of equipment and protects your investment
  • Provides a more comfortable living environment

When there are repair requirements, our skilled technicians diagnose, adjust or repair your system quickly and efficiently. Contact the experts at Pacific Peak to Peak Plumbing and Heating to receive information before your next investment.

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