Hot Water Tanks

After heating and cooling, water heating is typically the largest energy user in the home because it is necessary for so many domestic activities.

The capacity of a water heater is an important consideration. The water heater should provide enough hot water to service the busiest time of day.

We provide and install both regular and tankless hot water heaters, for both electric and gas installations, from the most reputable manufacturers on the market. You might consider a hybrid or condensing storage tank. Hybrids offer the best features of a tankless model with the added convenience of a small storage tank. Condensing storage tanks provide all the benefits of a traditional gas-fired storage tank, but at a much higher efficiency.

Replace your aging water heater with a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR model and you could save on energy costs, plus you might be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000.

How long before your hot water heater needs replaced? Home inspectors typically expect a generic water heater to last about ten years but the age of a water heater is not the only factor that determines how long it will last. Other factors include:

  • Water heater tank type. Most water heaters use a glass or porcelain liner which, along with the sacrificial anode, help protect the tank from corrosion. The construction of the water tank, methods and materials used affect the life of the tank, burner, and controls. Look at the water heater warranty period; a longer warranty probably means a more durable water heater tank.
  • Quantity of hot water used. Using more hot water increases the duty cycle of the water heater and exposes the tank to extra risk of corrosion. The temperature to which the water heater is required to heat the hot water may also be a factor in tank or burner or other water heater part life. The quantity of hot water used, which determines how hard it works, is called the duty cycle or level of usage of the water heater (more use = shorter life).
  • Water heater maintenance. Flushing mineral debris and dirt from a water heater can significantly extend its life as well as increase the quantity and temperature of domestic hot water the heater provides.
  • Water heater location. If the water heater is located where it is subject to flooding, the system is going to be damaged, short-lived, and possibly unsafe as well.
  • Mounting conditions. Unless a water heater is designed to be mounted horizontally, never install one that way. It might not be supported properly and the system will be damaged and unsafe. Any unit that can’t be serviced or vented adequately can lead to early failure, as well as voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

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